How to Download and Install Xender ( Android, Windows Phone, iOS, PC/Mac)

Xender is an excellent software / tool for sharing files quickly between Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Xender works using WiFi technology, something that all smart devices have.

Xender is better than wired file sharing because Xender is very simple, cool and fast which is better than Bluetooth because it is 100 times faster and better than NFC because WiFi is used more commonly. In this article we will give you a simple way on how to install Xender on various smart device platforms.How to Download and Install Xender ( Android, Windows Phone, iOS, PC/Mac)

Before we get to the core of the discussion, I will give you what features are in Xender.

  • Helps to make PC wireless connection with other platforms very easily and quickly.
  • One hundred percent free to use without any restrictions on file types and file sizes.
  • It’s much faster than Bluetooth and helps you transfer files in just a few minutes.
  • Has many new features which help you convert your video to audio.
  • Does not require a USB connection.
  • Helps you receive, view and save files to save file backup in case you need to clean phone storage on your smart device.

How to Install Xender on Android Device Using Play Store Method

The Google Play method is a simple way to install applications on an Android device. This method is very easy and simple. Follow the instructions we have given below if you really need instructions on how to install Xender on your Android device.

  1. First of all, all you have to do is visit the Xender app page on the Google Play Store. You can do this by searching for Xender on the Google Play Store on your device or by visiting the Xender developer website at and then following the link to Google Play that appears there.
  2. Once you find Xender on the Google Play app page, tap on install to install Xender on your device. When it has been downloaded successfully you can use Xender after the application has been successfully installed on your device.

How to Install Xender on Android Using Apk Method

First of all you have to visit the website and then download it and then install it on your device and then scan the QR code generated with your smartphone.

  1. Once you have finished scanning the code, a screen will open where you can start by sharing and receiving files both small and large.
  2. You can also connect via hotspot by turning it on and then connecting to PC by clicking on PC connect mode. Very simple.

How to Install Xender on Windows Phone and iOS

For those of you who are wondering whether Xender can be installed or used on Windows phone or iOS or not? The answer is yes. Below are simple steps are instructions for installing Xender on your Windows Phone or iOS device.

  1. All you have to do is open the app store on your device: iTunes for iOS and Windows devices or the App Store for Windows Phone devices.
  2. Alternately, And then go to and get the link to the respective application page of the website.
  3. And tap install on the Xender app page. The automatic installation will start immediately.
  4. And you have successfully installed Xender on your Windows Phone or iOS.

How to Use Xender on PC/Mac

For those of you who want to use Xender on your Mac device. You can follow the methods we provide below.

  1. Inside the Xender app, toggle and Connect on a PC using the switch at the top of the Xender interface.
  2. If so, select it and click the WiFi Hotspot button at the bottom. Pay attention to the hotspot name and IP address you just created.
  3. Next connect your computer to your smart device using the hotspot you just created.
  4. Open an internet browser on your computer device and write down the IP address given in the address bar of the browser.
  5. And now that you can share files between your computer and your smart device using Xender, it’s very simple and good luck with that.

Hopefully the above article about ” How to Install Xender ” can help you. If you have a topic or problem regarding the article above you can contribute. Thank you for visiting our website.

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