How To Flush DNS Command in Windows 10 ( 2021 )

How To Flush DNS Command in Windows 10 ( 2021 )

Have you ever experienced problems or difficulties regarding how to delete DNS commands? And have you figured out how to remove the DNS command? If you can’t solve the problem don’t worry, we will do our best to solve the problem and hopefully the method we share is useful for you. You only need to clear the DNS command when the DNS cache is corrupted, indicating some kind of internet connection problem. Damage to the local DNS cache will be both the reason and the hindrance to why your computer has trouble reaching certain servers or websites. How To Flush DNS Command in Windows 10 ( 2021 )

What’s DNS?

Before stepping on the problem method above, I will provide a little information about what DNS is. DNS is the Domain Name system. DNS allows you to convert website names to IP addresses that can be understood by computers. Every time a user visits a website under their host name, the web browser will initiate a search on the internet, however, this search cannot be opened and completed until your website name is “changed” to an IP address.

As you may or may not know, Windows comes with an option which stores the specified DNS server addresses to speed up your browsing experience. And then the IP stack using that IP address will refer to this user specific DNS service or gateway specific service to resolve the website domain name to its IP address and will automatically upload it to your browser.

Easy Flush for 3 Caches Types

In such special cases, sometimes poisoning and DNS cache spoofing may be involved. and bad results are cached. So, to allow your Windows computer to communicate with the host properly, you have to clear the cache first.

You can easily empty 3 different types of cache. 3 of them are DNS cache, Memory cache, and Thumbnail cache. Usually, some people or maybe you have chosen to empty the cache every now and then so that their Windows computer works properly.

What results do you get when you clear the cache? Here’s the answer: You’re actually doing yourself a favor to free up some of your computer’s system memory. And to clear the Thumbnail Cache will help free up your computer’s hard disk as you’ve free up some space on it.

And the result of you clearing the DNS cache is actually fixing your internet connection problem. And after I have explained, let’s see below about the simple way we provide about clearing the cache.

How to clear DNS cache

  1. The first thing you have to do is, you have to open an Administrative Command Prompt on your Windows PC.
  2. Then type the following command:
    Ipconfig / flushdns
    After that, you will see a command word like this: Windows IP configuration will be followed by DNS Resolve Cache which was cleared successfully
  3. Show DNS cache.
    You can type this command if you need to confirm whether the cache has been cleared, then hit enter.
  4. Enable or Disable your DNS Cache.
    If you want to turn off the DNS cache on your Windows PC for a certain period, you can simply type this command at the command prompt “net stop dnscache” then type enter.
    And once you want to turn it on again, type this command “net start dnscache” then hit enter.
  5. Disable DNS Cache
    However, if you have some reason that you don’t want DNS caching and want to disable it, you can do that. The first thing you have to do is type services in your Windows start search and continue by pressing Enter so you can open the Services Manager. After that, you have to find the DNS client service.

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